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I needed a little bit of tropical weather to keep me warm as the temperature drops down into the 40s and 50s in North Carolina. Oh, gentle readers for those of you in Kansas, where it is dipping in the 30s, this might keep you even warmer. Or at least make you hope for a vacation.

Unlike the French martini, it looks like there is a definitive recipe for this drink, and this is the one that I made:


1 oz. Vodka

1 oz. Lime Juice

1 oz Triple Sec

The Ingredients

  • Fresh squeeze a lime. About half of a lime is equal to about an ounce of juice. At least with my juicer.
  • Combine the Vodka, Lime Juice, and Triple Sec in the shaker


  • Shake until ice forms on the outside of the martini shaker.
  • Enjoy!


If you half the recipe, this can be a shot you take instead of martini.

Personal Evaluation

This is a really good cocktail for what it is. I’m not a fan of a strong lime flavor in my drinks. I want it to be more subtle, like what you would taste in a lime cheesecake. If you enjoy a strong taste of lime, like my friend Zach whose idea of a gin and tonic is a splash of gin, a splash of tonic, and eight limes, this could definitely be a drink for you. Although, Zach, you might really enjoy a gimlet.

The Cost

Gin: $20 for a 750 mL

Triple Sec: $3.50 for a 750 mL

Limes:  $4 for a bag

Total: $27.50 or so

Next drink: The Negroni