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I purchased Sloe Gin for a Cherry Julep that Rachel Maddow made on Martha Stewart. I did not find all of the ingredients on my last run to the ABC store, so I was left with an unopened bottle of Sloe Gin.

Now, Sloe gin is an incredibly interesting liqueur because it is fairly unrelated, in terms of taste, to its namesake. While gin achieves most of its flavor from juniper berries, sloe gin is gin infused with sugar and sloe berries, which are closely related to the plum. Because of this, rather than having the “pine” flavor that some complain about, it instead is quite sweet.

Because of the bottle on my counter, I googled recipes and found:

A Dixon Thing

1-ounce Amaretto

1-ounce Sloe Gin


  • Add ice to a martini shaker.
  • Add all ingredients.
  • Shake dramatically.
  • Pour and enjoy!

Finishing "A Dixon Thing"


First, the name of this drink is terrible. But both Drinkmixer and iDrink have the same recipe and name, this is probably right. So, the drink gets my vote for a rename. Second, the drink has a beautiful red quality; as I was a vampire for Halloween, this made a fun drink to carry around.

Ultimately, the drink does taste good. It is quite sweet, so drink it cold. As it warms up, the sweet factor reemerges which has the potential of making it nearly undrinkable.

Finally, I think the best way to serve this is to double the recipe and serve it in a highball glass with a lot of ice instead of as a martini. Because the drink only used liqueurs, it is not as alcoholic as many and is a nice to drink slowly.


750 mL bottle of Amaretto: $10

750 mL bottle of Sloe Gin: $10

Total Cost: $20

Because of the cost, if you know someone who likes Amaretto, I found this to be a fun present and an easy recipe.

As always, happy drinking!