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In case you hadn’t figured out from my last post, I’m kind of a mint freak. I think it’s a lovely flavor that has the potential of adding just the right amount of sweetness to it.  Chocolate mint drinks/flavors/deserts is one of the many thing that I believe can be found in all of its perfection, like mozzarella sticks (Woody’s in Pratt, KS) or chicken strips (undiscovered) or corn dogs (special affinity for Sonic.)

Not the point. I think mint is really delicious. And the more mint chocolate in my life, the happier (and fatter) I’ll be.

The recipe:

Chocolate Mintini

2 oz. Chocolate Flavored Vodka

2 oz. Creme de Cacao

1 oz half and half

1 oz.  Mint infused simple syrup

  • Add ice to a martini shaker.
  • Add all ingredients.
  • Shake dramatically.
  • Pour and enjoy!


Delicious. This is a drink I made up. I think it tastes quite delicious. Try and tell me what you think.


Once again, I’m going to assume you have Sugar and water. Or you’re not worth your salt so far as I’m concerned.

1 750 mL bottle of Chocolate Vodka: $20

1 750 mL bottle of Creme de Cacao: $10

2/3 oz mint leaves (1 package at the grocery store): $2.00

Half and half: $2

Total Cost: $34

As always, happy and safe drinking!