Gentle Reader, I hope you had a good New Years. This post does not contain a drink recipe but is for the lactose intolerant community. I hope you still enjoy–

If you log online and search for “Lactose Intolerant Cocktails”  on Google, I was on the front page! It was very exciting. Unfortunately, I’m not there anymore.  Because of that, when someone did a search trying to find out about whether or not Creme de Cacao was lactose-free, they stumbled across my blog. At the time I did not have an answer, but, now I do.

Creme de Cacao and Irish Whiskey

Going to Wikipedia, a creme refers to “a liqueur that has a great deal of additional sugar added to the point that it has a near-syrup consistency. (If you don’t like the Wikipedia article, you can always refer to Classic Cocktails by Salvatore Calabrese — same definition. Unlike cream liqueurs, creme liqueurs include no cream in their ingredients.” Creme de Cacaos are lactose-free and safe for human consumption if you’re allergic to lactose.

What you need to look for though are the CREAM liqueurs. A really great example of this are the Godiva liqueurs. The entire Godiva is made with cream and milk chocolate, so clearly these are potentially fatal. Always read the label, CREME is good, CREAM is bad. Be careful. The Godiva liqueur labels do not say cream or have any indication that cream is included. It is best to err on the side of caution and just focus on the “Creme de Cacao” liqueurs for safety.

I don’t feel I need to spell this out, but I will just in case. Irish Cream is NOT lactose-free either. It’s made with cream in the distilling process. Other coffee liqueurs are not necessarily a replacement because Irish cream gets its flavor, by using Irish whiskey. As an example, Kahlua is made from coffee but has no Irish whiskey in it. I have not really looked at a lactose-free replacement for Irish cream, but if any of you want me to,  let me know. Right now, it’s just not high on my priority list. I’m always up for interesting challenges, though. Send me an email or a facebook message.

So far, I’ve had really good luck with soy milk and Creme de Cacao for all chocolate martinis which are lactose-free and delicious. As always, happy and safe drinking!