Hell Gentle Reader–

I haven’t forgotten you, I’ve just been busy.


New Years was fantastic. I was hit on by two lovely young gentlemen.  Then a third one threw himself at me. Pictures of his penis on his I-Phone and everything. Michael was hit on too! But only by one guy. But who’s counting (I am! 300% of the world thinks I’m more attractive than Michael.)

I started working at Kaplan which has just been a disaster. The first weekend I almost wound up teaching students from my 2009 manual, because I didn’t realize there was a 2010 manual. I had no idea there was a proctoring guide. I almost ripped my hair out frantically prepping for class 3 hours before I had to teach it after I realized there was a completely new material I had to use.  I almost looked up Michal’s car insurance policy to see if it would cover me for a doctor’s visit, in case, I accidentally found myself injured in the vehicle and unable to teach. I pulled it off with hope and a prayer, but not much more than that.

What else?

I’m back to applying for jobs every time I have the urge to file a formal complaint against the company I work for. No, wait, not true. Last week I filed a formal complaint against one of the bosses at work. Super fun. On the upside, she’s finally treating me professionally at work. On the downside, I’m pretty sure I bought myself a one-way ticket to getting fired.

I can’t find my camera cord. I was going to post my first video on Sunday, but no connectivity. Anyone wants to buy me a present to help rule the world, let me know.

Finally, apparently, Roo and I are becoming BFFs. You and me girl. Matching necklaces from Claire’s. Happy Birthday, Baby!


–The Writer

Finding the Recipe

This drink has been up and coming for years. My freshman year of college, my friend Ally and I decided we were going to make mudslide milkshakes things. Years later, I have no idea what we were thinking, but the best things about being friends with Ally D__ is that she is a catchphrase of whatever. Which means, I could basically get her to do almost anything I wanted, she would tell her mother, and then I would get in trouble from someone else’s mother. I’m still mad at you about the Oreo’s by the way. I want my $3 back. You clearly, did not enjoy them enough.

Anyway, private note for Miss D__ (You’re famous!) So it’s over spring break, between the two of us we have half a bottle of Bacardi Silver Rum that we decide we’re going to mix with ice cream and milk. For the three other people who think this is a good idea, thank you. For the rest of you, blended rum, ice cream, and milk are terrible. It’s one of the worst things I’ve ever consumed. But you know my 18-year-old self with my Grace (of Will and Grace fame) choked down like 4 of them. We called them mudslides, and I have never looked back. They were terrible.

That being said. I was clearly wrong and had no idea what I was talking about. This, by the way, is frequently the case, for those of you who have only had the pleasure of reading me online. A mudslide is delicious and is practically a White Russian only more alcoholic.

The MudSlide

We can make this two different ways, but it’s the same ratio just different quantities:

1 part Vodka

1 part Irish Cream

1 part Kahlua

  • Combine ingredients.
  • Shake, just a little.
  • If making a big girl drink, just pour out of the tumbler, into the shaker and back.
  • Drink and enjoy!


One of the things I like about the cocktail, which may not be immediately apparent is that it’s practically a White Russian. The biggest difference is that you replace the milk with Irish cream. Now, as I talked about in my last post, Irish cream is not good for those who are lactose intolerant so drinker beware!

I think it’s tasty. I like it. And who doesn’t need a reason to have Kahlua in the home?


This is a more expensive cocktail:

750 mL bottle of vodka: $15

750 mL bottle of Irish Cream: $15

750 mL bottle of Kahlua: $20

Total cost: $50

As always, happy, and safe, drinking!