Hello Gentle Reader–

Now that Mary lives with me, I’m pretty sure I’ve reduced the number of blog readers from two to one (Thanks, Jennifer!) Or Mary’s sister.

My life has gotten a little more interesting in the last two weeks, since I’ve taken my hiatus. I have a new roommate, Mary, from the Dal-Hass, Tay-Hoss (Dallas, TX). I’ve also really started teaching at Kaplan.

My classes were canceled due to Raleigh Blizzard 2010, which Michael, Mary, and I thankfully survived. We got 5 inches of snow. The city shut down for weekend. They shut school down for Monday and Tuesday. The Friday before the blizzard, we made our run to the ABC Package store (liquor store for those who do not have state run stores.) By the way, if you are endanger of being stuck at home, it’s all about the mixers and liquor, instead of everyone else where there was a run on bread, milk, and bananas. Who thinks, blizzard, bananas? Bananas were out all over the city. There were none to be had in Raleigh.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to.  This update is for Jennifer and Kearsten, who are the two people who read my blog (yes, mid-post, I remembered Kearsten.)

Side note: I was interrupted writing by the ghetto screaming match from the downstairs neighbors. It was awesome. It was definitely a Baby Mama Drama fight. But their children may need some Child Protective Services. Maybe.

These are policies I would like to add as an addendum to the “Good Neighbor Policy” for the Villages at Lake Boone Trail.

1) If you’re going to fight outside, please avoid the inner courtyard. The echoing make it difficult to eavesdrop.

2) If you’re going to fight outside, please speak clearly. If you’re going to have a screaming match, the neighbors are going to hear every scream. They might as well hear every word.

3) If there are more than two of you — in our case, at least four — please take turns. Screaming on top of each other makes it difficult to know what you’re saying.

4) Don’t call your father while a Baby Mama Drama Fight is going down outside. Sorry, Dad, I was ignoring you on the phone. I couldn’t hear you if I wanted to.

Back to our regularly schedule program:

Anyway, so I’ve experimenting with various Valentine’s Day and Anti-Valentine’s Day cocktails. I’ve finally came up with a cocktail list for Valentine’s Day.

The cocktails that I’ll be putting in my blog leading up to V-Day and then for the party are the following:

Anti-Valentine’s Day Cocktails

1.) A Stinger

2)  Blowjob

3) Anti-Valentine’s Day Cocktail

Pro-Valentine’s Day Cocktails

1) Sloe Gin Fizz

2) Capaccuni Martini

3) A, final, and surprise cocktail to be posted on Feb. 13th.

Valentine’s Day Cocktails

So, let’s talk about this for a bit. Finding a good Valentine’s Day cocktail is a lot like panning for gold. You have to get through a lot of shit in order to find an ounce of a good cocktail. It’s incredibly frustrating. I have tried drinks from all over the internet to find shit. Many drinks, especially anti-Valentine’s Day cocktails, are terrible. One of the Anti-Valentine’s Day drinks I found was 4 shots of straight Vodka, alone, in an airport bar. If you’re drinking alone, in an airport, when you’ve just got dumped on Valentine’s Day. You’re not drinking an Anti-Valentine’s Day Cocktail. You’re drinking to get wasted. I’m sad for you that you don’t have friends.

But many of these cocktails are like this. They don’t taste good. They’re not exciting, or adventurous. They’re just there. Boring, unadventurous, and all the ingredients could be found in the most tee-totaling of underage drinkers. Four straight shots of whiskey, sounds like a recipe to get over the flu, not to have a fun drink with your friends celebrating, or loathing, the world’s most romantic commercial holiday.

But, after the number of drinks that have gone South, or just down the drain, I finally have narrowed it down to what I would serve you, and for some of you, I may.

On to the drinks!

The Vodka Sour

1 1/2 oz Vodka

1 oz White Grapefruit Juice

Juice of half a lemon

1/2 oz Simple Syrup

  • Mix all ingrediants in a low ball glass over ice.
  • Stir
  • Enjoy!


Really tasty. The original recipe I found called for putting 2 teaspoons of sugar instead of simple syrup, but by substituting that for the 1/2 oz of simple syrup, it just makes the drink easier, but doesn’t really change the flavor. Also, if you don’t have lemons, you can use limes, but it also changes the flavor of the drink.

If you decide to go with the original suggestion of 2 teaspoons of sugar, have a friend nearby. The drink needs to be shaken for three minutes that way.

Michael and I shaking the cocktail together. Have to have a friend.

And finally, the drink


750 mL bottle of Vodka $15

1 bottle of simple syrup, practically free

1 Lemon $1

White Grapefruit Juice: $4

Total cost $20

This is the first of my many Valentine’s Day Cocktails. As always, happy, and safe, drinking.