So, I know it’s January 11th, and it’s probably a little late to be writing about New Years resolutions, but I’ve been musing about this for a while and have come to some decisions.

  1. Vegan Cocktails. There’s not a lot of information that I have found about vegan cocktails on the web. There has to be a way to make a good vegan chocolate martini, just as a for instances. Also, have you ever had a White Russian with soy milk and then tried a White Russian with milk or half and half? They are definitely different cocktails.
  2. International cocktails. American cocktails have definitely been the norm for the last few centuries. However, we have generally shied away from a lot of international flavors, although that is definitely changing.
  3. Cocktails with food pairings. If you want to know what to pair with a salmon, you’ll get a lot of responses, but if you want a martini or a cocktail? What do you pair with it? Going further than that, what cocktail should you drink with Indian food? I want to start exploring that as well.
  4. Garnishes. One of the comments that I’ve gotten from several people is that the garnish in the pictures adds to the drink even if they don’t even remotely change the flavor. I have learned to do lemon and lime wheels and wedges so I’ll start being more conscious about those things.
  5. Updating more. This whole Brett updates every 6 weeks or so has got to stop. I enjoy writing my blog and theoretically you enjoy reading it, so let’s start enjoying ourselves more often.

Do to updating more regularly, it means that not every blog post can be a cocktail recipe, but they can be helpful links, barware, or finally just interesting things related to cocktails.

So let’s start today, shall we?

This is a great link that I found for those of you who are interested in exploring vegan cocktails. You’re able to find a specific alcohol (beer, wine, liquor, or liqueur) and determine whether or not it’s vegan, which I think makes it incredibly helpful before you even buy.

So, happy searching at

As always, happy, and safe, drinking!