Hello, All–

I’ll get back to my cross country cocktail trip later, but since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought another year, another Valentine’s Day post.

Last year, I spent my blog time on a Valentine’s Day cocktail party. I either stole or created about 8 different recipes, premade them and invited everyone over. A good time was had by all, or so I’ve been told.

This year, I wanted to give a little more thought to Valentine’s Day. Especially because it seems like everyone’s updating about it today, which I don’t remember from last year. V-Day is on steroids, once again. I think we need to tell it to lay off of them or it’ll be disqualified as a major holiday. Every year, it seems like there’s a must have present, a new aphrodisiac, or a classic dinner and cocktail that’s en vague once again. It seems like it’s all to get us out of our clothes and into our beds. There’s a great NPR story from 2009 that talks about food that may or may not get us in the mood here.

It seems we all need an antidote to love, either as a frisky romp or to be miles away from the holiday.

Here’s my suggestion this year:

If I were single, I would buy a bottle of champagne and call a friend over. Champagne is antidote or a cure for everything. There’s always a reason for champagne. If you need one, I promise I’ll make one up.

Instead I’m celebrating my 7th Valentine’s Day with Michael. We paid attention to society’s ridiculous rules of romance, once, and spent the equivalent of Michael’s monthly rent on dinner. This year I’m making Brats and French fries which we’re pairing with a six pack of Newcastle. No stress, just beer, food, and company. It sounds pretty alright to me.

Whatever you’re doing, just make sure it’s yours and like a good cocktail, true to its own spirit. As always, Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy and safe drinking.