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Happy National Margarita Day, Everyone!

So, I’m finishing up my personal statement for law school at University of North Carolina which I will finish by the end of the weekend.

After that, I’m working on my recipe for the Imbibe cocktail contest. You have to submit the drink recipe by March 10, 2011. If you go to Imbibe’s website, they have some of their featured drinks from their previous issues if you don’t own or have access to older copies of the magazine.

While I’m prepping, those in Raleigh, prepare yourself for cocktail tasting parties! Everyone who doesn’t live here, be disappointed .Free booze and crazy cocktails that you can’t get anywhere else. I know only a few who would turn down the opportunity. I’m working out a lot of drinks but I need help taking the recipe from good to great. I have a couple of drinks in mind, but I’m still working them out. Drinks should appeal to more than just my palate. However, I won’t post the drink until after the competition has closed.

I wanted to write a quick post not only to let my readers know about the contest but because I wanted to pimp Foodpairing.be I can’t say enough good things about this website. Since I’ve discovered the site, it’s become an invaluable resource as I attempt to come up with new and crazy cocktails for me to drink, and for you to read about. It gives great food pairings that when mixed become a surprising flavor explosions all of which compliment each other.

A good cocktail is like a good meal. Full of great flavors that compliment each other from start to finish with a great aftertaste. Use the website for food or drinks. Trust me.

As always, happy and safe drinking!