Hello All!

I had hoped to write more, but the last week has taken a lot out of me. I finished applying to law school, and I’m anxiously awaiting acceptance to the JD/MLS programs to which I’ve applied. Here’s to being a law librarian!

Also, I was asked to create a cocktail for the Crape Myrtle Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Show. I spent last weekend working on those drinks and gave my recommendations to the Crape Myrtle Court. This is a great organization and if you are in Raleigh, you should come for a night of clothes and cocktails. What could be better?

Finally, my brother came down and visited me and just left down. I’m in the process of getting my mental life back together after taking that road trip to LA, finishing my applications, creating a drink list for Crape Myrtle, and finalizing a cocktail for the Imbibe cocktail contest. I’m also working on getting my blog back together. I’m currently copying down a lot of drink recipes I want to post that I’ve gathered from all over on note cards, so that way I can’t lose them. This is complete with color coordination of the drinks by main ingredient. I also have a list of about 30 things I need to track down and write about related to all things booze.

So that’s what I’ve been up. Sorry I haven’t updated, but the blog is always in my thoughts.

Tonight, I wanted to take a quick minute and write a bit about booze. I found a great link about Common Home Bartending Mistakes. I know that I am guilty of 3 of the mistakes. I (1) buy the liter sized bottle of club soda and tonic water (although I do pour out the bottles at the end of the night) , (2) don’t prechill my glasses, and (3) sin upon sin, I shake my Manhattans. What about you?

Finally, because Borders is going out of business, I picked up a Boozehound —  a great book on booze by the Spirits columnist for the Washington Post. Wilson keeps me reaching for my martini shaker as often as my grocery list. When I finish the book and drink some of the recipes, I’ll give him my full due.

Finally, my friend Jennifer has started a blog. I’m already jealous of her writing and hope to convince her to do a joint food and cocktail blog post venture together. Check her out and subscribe. I’ve got high hopes for this lady.

I am aware I owe you a real drink post soon. (It’ll be next I promise!) So, in the mean time, let me know which mistakes you make or which books on food or booze you’re reading or you think I should read. Leave your comments below.

As always, happy and safe drinking.