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So, I’ve been watching/finished Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime. It’s a super fun show. Wikipedia will give you a better plot summary than me. So, here you go.

One of the things that I really enjoy that the wiki article does not talk about is that the main characters drink in every episode. Sometimes wine, sometimes martinis, and sometimes pomegranate martinis.

Build Your Home Bartending Skills

Before we get to the drink, let’s talk about a basic building block for your home bartending skill. One of the things that many recipe books, experts, articles talk about is the idea of learning the proper and basic proportions for building cocktails. When looking at this drink, you can tell that the original creator started with the basic recipe for a martini:

2 oz liquor and 1/2 oz mixer; or 4 parts liquor and 1 part mixer.

As you do a Google Search for pomegranate martinis, the recipe has obviously been altered since then, while still staying near to its original proportions. I’ve been meaning to write about these for a while, because they’re so popular and everyone has a taste for it.

Pomegranate Passion

This recipe is from the Cape Codder.

1 oz Citrus Vodka

1 oz Pomegranate Liqueur

Dash of triple sec

Splash of Cranberry Juice (for color)

Mix all ingredients over ice in a shaker. Strain and pour into a martini glass.


I personally don’t like the taste of pomegranate liqueur. It tastes artificial, like banana candy. You think it’s a good idea, and then you consume it. That taste becomes the aftertaste of the cocktail, so it ruins the cocktail for me. I need a great aftertaste to compliment the liquor in the drink.

I would definitely consider trying a Pom-tini with pomegranate juice instead of the liqueur. Possibly even a muddled pomegranate. It’s a 2 star drink. I would serve it to someone who really likes fruity cocktails and will only drink vodka.


Total Cost

750 mL bottle of Citrus Vodka: $14.00

750 mL bottle of Pomegranate Liqueur: $10.00

750 mL bottle of triple sec: $4.00

Bottle of Cranberry Juice : $4.00

Total Cost: $32

Cost per Drink

1 oz Citrus Vodka: $0.56

1 oz Pomegranate Liqueur: $0.40

Dash of triple sec: $0.08

Splash of Cranberry Juice: $0.03

Total Cost per Drink: $1.07

As always, happy and safe drinking.