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So, like I said my last blog post on Homemade Amaretto, my mind was not only changed on Amaretto as a liquor, but just as importantly, on a drink. When we think of Amaretto sours, usually we associate the cocktail with underage teenagers who have sneaked into a bar and are ordering their first drinks. As we become older, we start to cast away our youthful indiscretions and tastes. Maybe we shouldn’t.

I know that every once in a while, I am my grade school self who just wants to run around and play tag or frisbee.

Sometimes, I slink into my middle school awkward self-conscious self, who wore sweat pants every day for about a year. I was mocked endlessly and realized that somehow I would have to bridge the gap between grade school and “adulthood.”

The high school student in me still loves to get ice cream, check out cute boys, and talk about sex. A defiant motherfucker who had to question authority and be out loud and very gay.

The college student in me still wants to knock back shots, play truth or dare, and gossip about who is doing dirty things in the bedroom.

Now, I’m a lot more respectable, or at least I think I am and try to be. But, every once in a while, I miss the variations on the person that I have been.

Life is not only about discovery, but it’s about rediscovery. Maybe the drinks and tastes we liked and had when we were younger aren’t because our tastes were immature, but because that is a part of who we are. Maybe we never leave that part of us behind, so much as we ignore our youthfulness for other more “appropriate aspects” of ourselves.

However, much in the same way there are now adult kickball leagues, we need to revisit the tastes of our youth. We need to revisit the people we were to appreciate the people we are. Remember, there are times we meet people who never had a chance to be the people we were, and they wonder what they missed out on. We can reclaim ourselves and help others find what they might have missed.

Amaretto Sour

3 oz Amaretto

Juice of half a lemon

1 oz Simple Syrup

Build in a cocktail glass. Pour Amaretto, lemon juice, and simple syrup in a rocks glass over ice. Stir and drink.


I thought I hated Amaretto sours. Then, I made Amaretto and used lemon juice and simple syrup instead of sour mix. I was very, VERY wrong.

Apparently, I just hate cheap amaretto, and even more SOUR mix. Traditionally this drink is made with Sour, which is gross. I once bought sour mix and poured it out. It cost me $5. I made one drink with it and couldn’t finish it. And I can finish EVERYTHING. Sour mix is a sin against the palate. If you run a home bar, I strongly recommend that you throw it out and replace it with simple syrup and lemon juice. It tastes better. Your taste buds will thank you.

Off of the Sour Mix Rant.

The drink is really great. It’s amazing how subtle this drink is and how many flavors you can taste, especially when you make the Homemade Amaretto from the most recent blog post. It was great. With the lemon, simple syrup, and amaretto, the flavors challenge each other for your attention, but like a kaleidoscope that constantly changes images: each more intoxicating than the next.


Cost if you have nothing

Amaretto: $14

Half a lemon: $0.69

1 oz Simple Syrup: $1.00

Total Cost: $15.00

Cost per Drink:

Amaretto: 1.68

Lemon: $0.35

Simple Syrup: $0.08

Total Cost/Drink: $2.11

As always, happy and safe drinking.