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So, it’s been a crazy week for me.

My fraternity brother from Kansas flew in on Friday and was here until Sunday. Then, I found out on Monday that NCCU had made a decision about whether I had gotten into law school. So for two days, I had a very ominous status as “Decision Rendered” with no idea what that decision was. I found out on Wednesday that I had gotten into the law school. So law librarianship here I come. Two of my friends are moving, so I have been helping them paint every night since Tuesday, and one of the members of the couple went in for hip surgery on Wednesday and got out of the hospital today.

We’ve been having quitting time between 10 and 11 pm, and by the time I get home, I’m exhausted. So for you faithful readers, my apologies.

Because I’ve been painting, I haven’t spent any time at my bar. However, I’ve been drinking a great drink: The Pom BR. Here is a history of the cocktail from one of my favorite bars in Raleigh: The Borough.

The Pom BR

Pomegranate Juice, to taste (My guess is about 2 ounces.)

Top with PBR (My guess is about 18 oz)


I know you can’t really tell from my blog, but I love beer cocktails. I think they’re great! More beer cocktails I say!

Drink and be merry.


All Ingredients:

$4 for a 64 oz container of Pomegranate Juice

$10 for a 12 pack of PBR

Per Drink:

$1 for PBR

$0.13 Pomegranate Juice

Total cost: $1.13

As always, happy and safe drinking.