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Rum Punches are one of the oldest cocktails in history. It started in the Caribbean colonies in the sixteenth century, before punches migrated Northward and were perfected by Americans. Rum punches have mostly gone out of favor recently, but they are an important part of our shared cocktail history.

However, there are times where rum punches are a great look back on the development of the cocktail in America. Sometimes they’re just necessary. I went to Myrtle Beach this weekend with my friend Paul to his family’s house. Before traveling, I premixed the Raleigh Iced Tea, a bottle of Limoncello, and the Sicily. Paul and I drank about half of this the first night there. Paul usually makes a punch to take to the beach and on Tuesday, he asked me to make it since he was mowing the lawn and things.

I didn’t have a lot of options. For those of you who have seen my bar, it’s ridiculous. Not only do I have about 70 bottles of alcohol, but I have multiple bartending books and access to the internet if I need true inspiration. However, I didn’t have any of that in Myrtle Beach, so I had to get real creative. Even more of a challenge, neither Paul nor I wanted to go the liquor store or the grocery store. But I was able to make due.

This is my:

Beach House Rum Punch

4 cups Cranberry Juice

1 cup Lemoncello

1 cup Black Rum

1/2 cup Silver Rum

Mix all ingredients. Place in container for the beach (and remember to bring solo cups!)


This was probably not my best cocktail.It was a good “on the beach, having a few drinks” while Paul tanned and Brett burned. I definitely came back looking like a lobster. The limoncello definitely helped to sweeten and compliment the black rum really well, hiding some of its harsher flavors.

However, I was proud of myself for having a good cocktail knowledge that I could look at limited ingredients and make a tasty drink. We admire people who have a base knowledge of food, but not cocktails until we’re actually in the moment where we have 6 ingredients and need to make something great.


Like I said, this was free for me, because all of the ingredients were in the beach house. The cranberry juice needed to be used or tossed, and Paul doesn’t really drink black rum.

However, if you wanted to make this at home:

And didn’t have any ingredients:

64 oz bottle of Cranberry Juice: $4

1 750 mL bottle of Black Rum: $14.99

1 750 mL bottle of Silver Rum: $13.99

1 750 mL bottle of Homemade Limoncello: $16.20

Total Cost: 49.18

Cost per Punch:

32 oz Cranberry Juice: $2

8 oz Black Rum: $4.80

8 oz Homemade Limoncello: $5.19

4 oz Silver Rum: 2.24

Total Cost for the Punch: $14.23 for 52 oz (or roughly 6 glasses)

As always, happy and safe drinking.