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Hello, again.

So I realized that I’ve been super lazy recently. I went downstairs to my bar last week, wiped away the layers of dust, and shuddered at my avoidance of my two favorite Bs: Bar and Blog. God, how has it been two weeks since I’ve updated my blog. Welcome to law school! It’s kind of crazy how life escapes me, as I’m reading case after  case after case. I’ve got lots to write about, because I have been back in the bar drinking, but all of my notes are at home as I type between cases at the law library. Not to be discouraged though! I have had something in my back pocket for a while.

No Worries Mixer

I  don’t like the original (and probably real) margarita recipe. I need the saccharine, syrupy kind. However, I don’t keep sour mix in my house, because I think it’s poison. What’s a boy to do? How do I save face but get the drink I want at home? The No Worries Mixer!

I normally hate cocktail mixes. It’s like the generic Hamburger Helper of cocktails. The No Worries Mixer is quite good. First, it’s incredibly cheap. Over the summer, Harris Teeter often had it on sale for $1. I strongly recommend buying 2, so you can make 34.5 oz and it’s easier to pour, because otherwise you have to measure out 5.75 oz.  Measuring that specific of an ounce is annoying. If you’re going to be lazy you might as go all the way.

I’ve only had two of them: the Margarita and the Island Blend.

I’m not sure what the Island Blend as a drink resembles, but it tastes good. I also have a lot of rum in my house, and have never been sure what to do with it. It’s a difficult liquor for me, because I’ve relegated it to the Caribbean and college frat parties that ended badly.

These two both taste great. And who doesn’t love a blended drink in the middle of summer? When it warms back up, I’ll probably have one myself to remind me of summer, when I had time.

As always, happy and safe drinking.