So I don’t even dare look to see when my last blog post was. I think I would be ashamed. Law school exams are over in a week, and I hope to change my tune with the blog, writing one post a week, and hopefully writing in advance.

Writing is often a difficult and an easy task. Every time I sit down to do it, I’m reminded how much I love it, and to think that there are faithful readers, often makes me feel silly that I forget you. There are posts waiting to be edited, although I know several of you will find a typo, a misplaced comma, or will want to completely restructure the way I wrote a sentence. But, c’est la vie.

My downtime reading during finals is My Life in France by Julia Child. May I recommend it?

It’s simple in its perfection. It’s one of the few times recently where I felt like an author had reached through time and death to speak directly to me.

Her quote: “You have to let a few thing slip by you, rather than being pitched at the highest key. Force yourself to relax at times. It is not necessary to do everything as though your life and honor depended on it.”

Thank you, Madame Child, for reminding me that there is, in fact, life outside of my apartment. I will return, finishing my series on the evolution of the vodka martini. Hopefully, I’ll be inspired to come up with a few gems. As always, I need taste testers. You know how find me.

Until next time, thank you for reading and, as always, happy and safe drinking.