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The New Year

So, it’s now 2012 and it’s a time for New Year’s Eve resolutions.

I’ve come up with a few of my own:

1)      To stop being so unruly when intoxicated

2)      To read one of the five following books, which I’ve been attempting to read since 1998

  1. Lolita
  2. Les Miserables
  3. Don Quixote
  4. Anna Karenina
  5. Divine Comedy

3)      To average 1 blog post per week (hopefully every Tuesday at 5:00 pm)

4)      To stop ignoring my bar except to get really drunk. (I must dust the bar every time I use it.)

5)      To get out of my law school bubble. After visiting Michael and I’s families over Christmas, I have definitely entered a law school bubble where that is the only thing that I can talk about. I once was an interesting person. I should find that person again.

So those are my Resolutions for 2012.

Looking back at my Resolutions for 2011:

1)      Vegan Cocktails. I totally lost sight of that goal. I should probably get back into it because I think there’s an important need there for the vegan community that is not being met.

2)      International Cocktails: My “Indian Food and Indian Cocktails” and “Argentinian Sangria” are two of my most reviewed blog posts. I really should find some more of these. I wonder if there are any good Kenyan cocktails.

3)      Cocktails with food pairings. I never did do this, but I really wanted to. Michael and I should start pairing. I think we would have a good time playing cook and bartender together. Cocktails and food pairings should be the next frontier the way that food and wine have been paired together.

4)      Garnishes. I did do one blog about this last year.

5)      Updating more. I updated a lot more this year. I actually increased the number of page views by almost 5,500 in 2011. I know this is probably not a lot for some of the more popular websites, but considering I had 47 page views in 2010, I’ll take it.

6)      The ones I did not post in my blogs include: get into law school and graduate school. I definitely did that in spades.

So, those are my current New Year’s Resolution and a review of my New Year’s Resolutions from last year.  As I said earlier, I really enjoyed 2011 and am looking forward to 2012.

However, I’m going to create a resolution for some of the drinker’s last night. Can we start drinking well again? Can we get over our obsession with rum and coke and vodka tonics and mature some? We are now in our 20s and 30s, we are no longer 19. We can drink good drinks. We have the taste for them. We have the bank accounts for them. Can we please start?

So, to evolve.

The Dark and Stormy

2 oz. Dark Rum

4 oz. Ginger Beer

1 slice of lime.

Add ice to a glass. Pour dark rum and ginger beer over ice. Stir. Squeeze the lime slice.


I thought dark rum was awful, and I never understand the point of it until I had this drink. It’s an incredibly complicated and herbal beverage that challenges the taste buds. The ginger beer and the dark rum create a pleasant and surprising combination. The drink is surprisingly good for winter, instead of most other rum drinks which can only be consumed in the summer and the warm parts of fall and spring. I was really surprised at how complicated the flavors were. I am a big fan of the Dark and Stormy.

Michael liked the Dark and Stormy, however, he thought the lime juice distracted from the flavor as opposed to adding to it. I’m not sure I would agree, however, I liked it both ways.

Mary hated this drink, but, Mary general hates all dark liquors. I will never understand this and often feel like she is depriving herself of the deliciousness of half of the liquor family. For Mary, it’s really only vodkas, gins, light rums, and silver tequila, although she has finally opened herself up to whiskey.


750 mL bottle of Dark Rum: $20

4 12 oz. bottles of Ginger Beer: $5

Total cost: $25

I know it’s more than rum and coke by about $3, but can we step up our game and start drinking better? As a New Year’s Resolution, can we agree to throw away the rum and cokes and start drinking like the adults we are?

Until next time, happy and safe drinking.