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So, we’re two days into law school (as of January 10th), and I’m already exhausted. I leave campus around 4 or so, and I want to go to sleep before I get on my 30-minute bus ride home.  I hope I’m not getting sick. While on break, it was really great seeing everyone, returning emails, and talking and hanging out with old friends. School has returned and, bye-bye life, hello law school. I feel like there’s not enough time in the day, and now there are resumes and job interviews and mock trial competitions and pro bono projects and maintaining the same pace and picking up the pace to do better. When Ayn Rand wrote about Atlas shrugging and the entire world collapsing, she must have known someone who was in law school.

So, that is what I’m doing on this side of the internet. I hope 2012 is less exhausting for you than for me, but as I wrote, one of my goals for 2012 is to update my blog once a week, so here I go.

Like many people, January is a month where I need variety. It gets colder and gray. Time runs in slow motion and everyone anxiously anticipates spring. After New Year’s, there is not another holiday to even think about before Valentine’s Day. We’ll get to that Holiday in a later post. There are no vacations in sight, no holidays, and no reprieves. It’s just work, and drudgery. Growing up in Kansas, January’s most interesting color was the exhaust stained gray of ice on my car’s tailpipe.

In January, I need to escape my rut of the previous year and try something new. I’ve never gone sky-diving or vacationing in January, although I should probably consider make that an annual habit after law school. This year, since I’m in school and I haven’t seen anywhere interesting to jump out of a plane in North Carolina, I’m changing flavors.

The Campari Cosmopolitan

1.5 oz. Unflavored Vodka

1.5 oz. Cranberry Juice

0.75 oz. Campari

Mix all ingredients over ice in a martini shaker. Strain into a martini glass.


I thought I hated Campari. I bought it to try the Negroni and Americano of James Bond fame, and I thought both drinks were disgusting. Campari is an Italian liqueur, and that shows. Americans (or at least this American) have lost their taste for the aromatic and bitter. Drinks that maximize those flavors tend to do poorly on an American palette. In a Negroni or an Americano, Campari shows up as the annoying know it all houseguest who dominates the conversation all night, and the host can’t wait for him to leave.

That is not the Campari Cosmopolitan. The Campari Cosmopolitan tastes of the Cosmopolitan of summer but adds the herbs to make it a distinct winter drink. Campari used in the Campari Cosmopolitan is the uninvited houseguest, who makes the right comment at the right time to enhance the conversation and move it forward. He’s a guest to get to know and invite back. Here, Campari changes the Cosmopolitan into a more complicated and adult drink that leaves the mouth with herbs of Italy but minimizes its dominance. The flavors are of dried, rather than fresh, herbs, but the herbs give one hope for the upcoming spring. Rather than creating agony over the length of winter yet to end, Campari brings knowledge that spring is on the horizon, but we have to be patient. Until spring, our patience can be rewarded with the fruits of last year’s harvest.


1 750 mL bottle of Campari: $30

1 750 mL bottle of Vodka: $15

1 64 oz bottle of Cranberry Juice: $4

Total Cost: $49.

However, that bottle of Campari will stay around for a while. Enjoy, and, as always, happy and safe drinking.