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There’s not much to say about Orange-cello and Lime-cello in terms making of them.

See the homemade Limoncello recipe. Substitute 4 large oranges for the 6 lemons. Substitute about 9 limes for 6 lemons. Beyond that, everything else is exactly the same.

Honestly, the reason that I did this, is because it’s just fun to have more than 1 time of “cello.”

For limecello, Michael and I have used it as a replacement for lime juice in a gin and tonic.

For orangecello, we used the orange juice as a replacement for orange juice in a mimosa to kick it up.

I haven’t seen many recipes for “limecello” or “orangecello,” so recipes are just difficult to find. I haven’t had much time to work with them. They might also go under different names.

If you find anything for limecello or orangecello, let me know by leaving comments below.

Until next time, happy and safe drinking.