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So, Kansas City has the Kansas City Ice Water. New York has the Manhattan, The Long Island Iced Tea, The Staten Island Iced Tea,  the Bronx. New Orleans has the Sazerac. I was hoping Raleigh would have something. At the time I thought it was unfortunate that we didn’t. Then I came up with this gem.

Raleigh Iced Tea

1.5 oz. Honey Whiskey
0.75 oz Lemon (Squeeze half a lemon)
Top with Sun Brewed Peach Iced Tea

Combine in a tall glass over ice.


I think it’s great. The drink captures the spirit of Raleigh really well. There’s the sun brewed tea with lemon. It’s sweetened with honey whiskey.  Whiskey is big Southern drink. However, the drink looks forward by using a recent liquor. The drink is really easy to make, but you have to think about doing it in advance. The drink requires you to sun brew peach tea which takes a minimum of  four hours.

I love the Raleigh Iced Tea. However, I made it up, so I might be biased. Try it yourself and leave comments below.


$4 for a 20 teabag box of peach tea.

$25 for 750 mL bottle of Honey Whiskey

$0.50 for the lemon.

Total Cost: $29.50.

As always, happy and safe drinking.