Hey, whiskey you’re the devil You’re leading me astray
O’er hills and mountains into Amerikay
Your sweeter, stronger, decenter, You’re spunkier than tea,
Ah, whiskey you’re me darlin’, drunk or so-ber

I found this link while perusing NPR’s Facebook page a few years ago. One of the singers of the Clancy brothers passed away in 2009. I know that Liam Clancy’s death was overshadowed by Michael Jackson‘s. I had never heard of The Clancy Brothers and still haven’t listened to any of their other music.

My family is a bunch of whiskey drinkers, at least on my dad’s side. My dad rarely drinks, but my siblings and I have all turned out to enjoy a cocktail or two. Anything more than that is a dirty rumor and a lie if I’ve ever heard one. Being a whiskey drinker and coming from the small city of Manhattan, KS, I fell it love with Manhattan at an early age. I don’t remember trying it, but I do remember making them in my apartment that I shared with Becca and Ally. I’ve been drinking Manhattans for at least 6 years. When it comes to alcohol, I’m a bad influence on people, and I goaded people into trying this drink that I had “discovered” at 21. Casey H. and I would suck the liquor out of the shaker making sure we got every last drop out.

Anyway, today was my first of 3 finals, and begins week 1 of 2. I needed a good laugh, and if last semester is any sign, I’ll be drinking Manhattans again to get me through. Probably with my classmate Giles.

As always, happy and safe drinking.