Hello, Again. I hope that you have all had a fabulous week. I got back from the Beach with Arthur, Bill, and Michael on Sunday. Paul, Michael, and I had an adventure to Raven’s Rock on Monday which was super cool. Tuesday, Michael ended his “vacation” with working around the house, and I got an inch like splinter in the bottom of my foot. Awesome. That’s what I’ve been up to this week. Minus the splinter, I hope that your week has been as awesome as mine.

Warning for this story. My mother is not as crazy as she sounds:

Why Michael Cleans the Shower

So, I’m cleaning the house today and making Sun Brewed Ice Tea. I hate cleaning. I’m so not Ms. Susie Homemaker. In fact, I’m pretty sure (and pray to God) we live in different cities (ideally states.) Most things I don’t really have a problem with: the toilet, mopping, even dusting my stuff I don’t mind. But, I’ll be damned if I dust someone else’s stuff. However, there is the bane of my cleaning existence: the shower. I blame this on my mother.

I’m fairly certain that someone in my mother’s line was OCD (but not my mom.) Maybe her parents, maybe her grandparents, but I don’t really know. Someone in this line was absolutely, fucking crazy when it came to scrubbing down a bathtub, which is something my mother passed down to me. I can clean a shower or a bathtub for over two hours and still not think it’s clean. It could sparkle at midnight of a new moon in rolling blackouts, and it still might not be clean. My mother would take her finger and rub the edge, and if she could still feel soap scum, then I had to keep cleaning. Because of this, I clean until the bathtub is as clean as a never been used display tub from the Home Depot. Michael thinks I’m crazy when I clean like this. So, he cleans the bathtub and I don’t say word, because I don’t have to touch it.

Today, I made the mistake of cleaning the bathtub. Dumb. I’m sitting in our shower, scrubbing it down with a tooth-brush “Mommie Dearest” style. “Why aren’t you clean yet?!” As I reward, I googled old Weekend update clips from SNL and made sun-brewed ice tea. Because, you know, I’m Southern, now.

Sun Brewed Ice Tea

Glass Container

10 cups of water

10 tea bags

Place 10 teabags in 10 cups of water in a glass container. Sit in afternoon sun for about 4 hours. Refrigerate and consume!


Honestly, it’s tea. It’s just kind of fun to sun brew.

General words: 1 teabag per 1/2 cup (4 oz) of water.

I’ll get to spike this in about an hour when it’s after 5 or when one of my roommates gets hoome.


1 box of tea: $4 (20 teabags)

Water, Practically free.

Total cost: $4.

I’ll be discussing how the sun brewed ice tea with my next drink: Raleigh Ice Tea

As always, happy and safe drinking.