So, Ariana and I are stuck in a hotel room in Mobile, AL after driving from Raleigh this morning. 12 hours later, we reach our destination only to find that our hotel’s pool is roughly 30 degrees although the temperature is in the 60s and that our cable no longer works.

Welcome to Alabama!

Today, Ariana and I passed through such memorable cities as Atlanta, GA and Montgomery, AL, but we were too dedicated to stop. I tried to convince Ariana to drive to Birmingham to pay our respects to Martin Luther King, Jr. After all, Black History Month starts tomorrow. Unfortunately we would have had to drive hours in the opposite direction, so this suggestion was immediately vetoed.

We also had fun adventures driving through Evergreen, AL; Blacksburg, SC; and Townville, SC. At one of these gas stations, you could have cologne or perfume sprayed on you for 25 cents. Also, you could have purchased a French Tickler for $1.00. Neither of us had correct change, so we are forever ignorant of these gas station pleasures.

We’re too tired to read and too lazy to netflix, so we’re drinking terrible, terrible cocktails instead known the world over to college freshmen: The Strawberry Exile.

This drink may be more familiar to you as a Boone’s Farm and Vodka. Neither of these ingredients were purchased by us.

The Strawberry Exile

Boone’s Farm’s Strawberry Hill: A Flavored Citrus Wine

Burnett’s Vodka: Quadrupled Distilled

  • Fill Glass Half Full of Burnett’s Vodka
  • Top with Strawberry Hill, to taste.
  • Enjoy


As the title of my blog implies, this blog is all drinks considered, not just the great ones. The drink is adequate, at best, but not completely disgusting. If you have any suggestions of what else one does with either Boone’s Farm or Burnett’s, I’m all ears.


Burnett’s Vodka: $8

Boone’s Farm: $2

Total Cost: $10, like I said earlier, we got both of these ingredients for free.

Look how happy we look with our cocktails:

Please wish us better drink success in the future. Greetings from Alabama on our cross country road trip to move Ariana to LA. As always, happy and safe drinking.